Sublimation on cotton - SubliOnCotton

Urban times requires constant research and investment in various innovations. We have created a very simple printing technique for print on white and light color cotton T-shirt with a very simple system of desktop printers and sublimation water based ink.

The special technology and process of making sublioncotton paper allows you to perfectly apply vibrant colors on your T-shirt. For perfect print on your white and light cotton T-shirts use our SubliOnCotton transfer paper for Epson printers.

Quality printing requires a quality printer. For this sublioncotton printing technology we use Epson L series printers with the additional of extra ink tank color system.

Special coating powder for fixing colors on your T-shirts. For high-quality prints, we use the best materials for fixing sublimation colors on cotton T- shirts. The print is compact and soft and there is no sense of plasticity on the T-shirts.

Excellent printing system for white and light T-shirts designed for small and medium-sized companies and crafts who are printing on T-shirts. Innovative Low Cost Technology with a little investment.  brings you quality print. with vibrant colors.

About Us
We specialize in heat print transfer. We use the best materials and equipment for applying to all kinds of textiles and various other cotton garments. We are innovative team that improves textile printing technology and makes it better & more affordable to all companies and crafts, beginners and Startups who want to try transfer applications with SubliOnCotton and similar techniques.
We all love that our T-shirt is printed with some design we like, Or in business world that our logo is visible on T-shirt nice printed and eye-pleasing. This Low Cost technology does not require much investment. Final product is almost a perfect print on white and light cotton T-shirts and garments. Print with this innovative technology is resistant to washing and the application will not wash even after 40 times at 60° Celsius. In our shop you can look for all equipment and materials you needed for this kind of printing.

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