Sublimation on Cotton – Coating Powder

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Cotton Sublimation is an innovative application transfer technology for cotton white and lightweight T-shirts, Low Cost desktop printer technology. We are NOT selling our product outside of EU.



Sublimation on Cotton garment (Coatig Powder)

Sublimation on cotton – Coating Powder. Sublimation On Cotton is a innovative technique for printing with sublimation water based inks on white and light color garment. Subli On Cotton is technique very easy to use, designed for small and medium businesses and crafts that work small daily amounts off print on garments. The colors are extremely vivid and high quality. The print is very resistant to washing and maintenance good quality after 40 washings at 60 °. In our shop you can buy the complete equipment and supplies for printing with this t-shirt printing technique. We are selling complete startup packages with printers and complete reproduction material for start you business. In our basic package you can find: Epson printer, transfer paper and powder for fixing ink on your garment. You can find all the additional information on our youtube channel here

For quality transfer you need a quality heat-press

Sublimation on Cotton – Transfer heat press. For quality transfer of Sublimation On Cotton T-shirt printing technique, you also need a quality heat-press that will evenly deliver the heat you need to fix your t-shirt design. We offer you high quality heat transfer presses from the US company Stahls. These heat presses are high quality machines for transfer of various types of applications of textile and non-textile products. The presses that are suitable for this application are Stahls-Maxx transfer machines (according to our recommendation). These machines have excellent innovative accessories for easier application and certainly great guarantees (30 years on heaters element). Maxx Innovative variable extensions allow you to easily apply some heavy available parts (sleeves, lids, etc.). Certainly a warm recommendation when choosing a heat press for transferring the with SubliOnCotton aplication. For more information about Stahls various products and heat Presses for Textile look

  • SubliOnCotton technology supports printing with water-based dye sublimation ink.
  • SubliOnCotton technology supports printing with sublimation gel ink by Sawgrass SubliJet-R
  • User manual for Epson  here
  • Color Profile for Epson  here
  • Printer settings here

Sublimation on Cotton – Coating Powder

Sublimation on Cotton – Coating Powder. The purpose of Coating Powder is to fix and paste the printed color on the cotton fabric. Coating powder is temperature sensitive and reacts as adhesives at the default temperature we use in this application.

Application temperature 185°
Time set 35 sec
Peel off full cold.

Shiping cost:  We are selling our product only in EU countries.

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